The Palmwag concession is a sanctuary for wildlife species

The Palmwag concession represents a 5500 km² sanctuary for wildlife, free of human influence. This concession belongs to The Wilderness Safari of Namibia, a private organization involved in tourism, conservation and sustainable development. Located in the Kunene Region of North-West Namibia, in the Damaraland province (19°52’54”S- 13°56’46”E) between Etosha National park and the Skeleton National Park, the landscape constitutes a mixture of old mountains, rocky and gravel plains, wooded river and deltas formed by the ephemeral Uniab River. Annual rainfall varies between 100 and 150 mm and the ambient temperature may reach up to 60°C during the hot-dry season. Metamorphic and granitic stones with a thin and compacted sedimentary crust into which organic wastes are not integrated form the soil. Hence, the substrate contains few nutrients for primary productivity. The vegetation types comprise a range from open grassland and sparse savannahs to vegetation-free gravel plains. This region provides habitats for a variety of rare plant and animal species, some of which are important food resources for semi-desert to desert animals such as oryx, springbok, elephant (Loxodonta africana), mountain zebra (Equus zebra) and giraffe (Giraffe camelopardalis). Conservancies into which animals may seek resources or pass through to access areas such as the skeleton coast, Etosha pan and the Namib Desert surround the Palmwag concession. 


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