Dr. vet. med. Conrad Brain:

Conrad Brain is a Namibian conservationist, an experienced bush pilot and a wildlife veterinarian. For his PhD, Dr. Brain conducted research on desert-dwelling baboons, living among baboon troops in the canyon of the Kuiseb River during five productive years. Afterwards, he served as Wildlife Veterinarian for the Etosha National Park during 13 years, where he contributed to the survival of elephants, black rhinos and other large mammals. Dr. Brain was also involved in Wildlife Research, and served as Acting Head of Research for the Etosha Ecological Institute. Currently Dr. Brain is the contact person for the Damaraland conservancies and acts as an environmental consultant and advisor for Wilderness Safaris in Namibia. 

Dr. vet. med. Ortwin Aschenborn

Ortwin Aschenborn is a Namibian State Veterinarian, an experienced bush pilot and an active conservationist.

Ortwin was, until recently, based in Etosha National Park. In 2013, he moved to the Caprivi stripe, now called Zambezi, to act as state veterinarian.

Ortwin performed the immobilization of our collared gemsbok in Palmwag in April 2011 and he is since scientifically involved in the Oryx Project.


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